Face the real Face of Ford

This is the outside picture of a Ford full of corrosion

FaceFord – My personal – Amazing – experience with FORD – the famous car manufacturer, known also as Ford Motor Company. It all started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but it has to do also with Ford Headquarter in USA and with Ford facility in Mexico that built my car and shipped it to Brazil.

A brand new, 0 Km Ford Fusion car was purchased from a dealer called Barrafor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in January 2009.

After receiving the car we found out that the car was full of Rust / Corrosion (since then we changed the name of the car from Fusion to Ferrusion =  Rusty in Portuguese ).

Both Barrafor and Ford Brasil did not agree to replace the Rusty Ford Fusion, that was sold as brand but was in a bad and unacceptable condition. Ford Headquarters received all information but did not agree to help to resolve this issue.

A process against both Ford Brazil and Barrafor opened in Brazil court. After several years and long process, both Ford and Barrafor were found guilty in and had to pay me…

See pictures Here

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